Divorce is never easy for children. When parents divorce, children often experience different emotions such as confusion, sadness and anger. These emotions can overwhelm children and get in the way of their social and emotional well-being. And at the same time, parents are likely to be feeling stressed and vulnerable, and may not be capable of helping their children cope during this difficult time.

A unique divorce education coaching programme that is child-focused and helps children understand and express the difficult emotions associated with parental separation. Our coach has a sound knowledge base in child development, attachment theory and psychology. She works with children within a safe context and neutral coaching environment. Our practitioner holds a valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).


  • Meet with the parents prior to seeing the child
  • Confirm parental custody and obtain consents from both parents if possible
  • Conduct an assessment and develop a coaching plan
  • Involve the parents in the coaching plan
  • Give the child a scrap book to journal their thoughts and emotions
  • Provide a positive termination experience


  • Name and cope with challenging feelings
  • Knowing and thinking for oneself
  • Use different thinking strategies to cope and manage emotions and behaviours in a better way
  • Explore values and assumptions about marriage and divorce
  • Develop communication skills for handling difficult situations
  • Deal with challenging situations through the use of drawings, collages, journaling and cards.