Abeer Bilbeisi, MA, DCH

Thank you for landing on my website. I am delighted that you are about to contact me to book your coaching session.

I can assure you I will accompany you on your divorce recovery journey. I have also walked this path, and happily remarried to my best friend husband. I understand that in your heart you have come to experience deep grieving along the way. I hope you realise you are not alone.

Very few relationships in our human experience are more important than the relationship we call marriage. For this reason, few life experiences are more difficult than the ending of what was an intimate relationship.

Even for those who seek divorce, there is an overwhelming loss, the loss of dreams, an ideal, an image and hopes that each partner had for this marriage in the beginning. Naturally divorce impacts your sense of who you are, your beliefs about safety and security, as well as your understanding about love, relationships, family and commitment. Now you feel your life has been torn apart and now you have “special needs” that demand and deserve your attention.

Divorce creates an entirely different context for you and alters the way you view your past, present and future. As old routines are dramatically altered, you are faced with creating a new life.

I did! and so will you! ….

Bringing to an end what at one time you thought would be a permanent fixture in your life naturally results in disorientation and confusion, anxiety and fear, loss and loneliness.

Yes, divorce brings a multitude of emotions and responsibilities that may seem overwhelming.

A new home may need to be created and your finances may be difficult and stressful to manage. If you have children, naturally they will have questions. They may be depressed, feel angry and act out their grief at a time when you do not feel equipped to help them.

You may feel as if you are not only losing your marriage but also yourself. You may struggle with knowing who you are and wonder how you will survive this major life change. You may question what your future holds.

If you relate to any of this you are not overreacting to the pain of divorce. It is real and BIG. But I can help YOU!….

Please know that whether you were married or co-habiting or in a civil partnership my service of coaching will cater for you.

The word divorce means “separation”. If you are separating from a partner, whether you are married, living together or simply a “couple” the end of your love relationship is essentially a divorce. Married or unmarried, you have the same needs to mourn the lost relationship and journey through the wilderness of your grief.

I spent twenty two years of my professional life working with children and their parents. I have been a Teacher, Head Teacher, SENCO, Parenting Educator, Master Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Trainer.

While I was working as an educator nationally and internationally, I was highly involved with children with emotional and behavioural challenges. This also included children of divorce. The impact of acrimonious divorce on the children was the turning point of my career. I started to utilise my speciality in special needs to cater for the emotional needs of children of divorce . I also realised that many single parents were not able to adjust to their new life as a single person and how this impacted on the children’s achievements, emotions and behaviours.

There are 12 divorces per 1000 marriages. Between one in five children witness their parent’s divorce before they reach the age of 16. During this time I also noticed that divorce is not a single event but it is a process and we rarely investigate its long term effect.

Based on those experiences my mission transformed and I founded Intranzition to support you and your children to recover from divorce and move on from bitter to better.

From personal experience, I realised counselling did not work for me; I found that there was no structured process or programme to recover from divorce. I then qualified as a Master Coach Practitioner and specialised in divorce.

I created the Intranzition programme “Grow through Divorce”. Whilst there are many forms of marriage counselling and therapy, I believe my coaching programme is completely different and does not focus on the past or blame. It caters for individuals and middle-aged divorcees, children and parents of children with special needs. I believe that many parents with a special needs child find it very difficult to engage with other relationship practitioners due to their lack of understanding to their challenges. To ensure that people from all over the world can benefit from the programme, I am constantly creating online and live seminars programmes and in the very near future I will be producing related products.

I am an accredited NLP Master Coach Practitioner, Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy Trained and Group Coaching Facilitator, Licenced Divorce Mentor and Therapist, Certified Prepare/Enrich Marriage and Parenting Facilitator.

I am highly experienced educator and hold a BA in Psychology and a MA Postgraduate Degree in Education and Psychology of Special Needs Children from UCL (Institute of Education). I am also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist specialised in Stress, Grief and Confidence. I am currently studying a Postgraduate Degree in Marriage and Family Education from the International University of Catalonia.

My expertise in marriage education begins with the success and challenges I and my husband have experienced in our marriage for twenty five years. My own life experiences, plus over twenty years of working with parents and their children, led me to flourish in my re-marriage coaching business and I utilise the Prepare/Enrich Programme for Marriage Education.

Whether you’re a prospective client, member of the media, head of an organisation, or another divorce professional, let’s connect and work together to make divorce a better experience for all involved. I’m always open to collaboration, public speaking, or providing an additional perspective for an article, video, or interview. We’re more powerful together.

I am a mother of two young adults and married for twenty five years to my soul mate husband who happens to be a collaborative divorce and family solicitor. All of this has given me a diversity of experience to share!

Do you want a divorce solicitor?

Amer Bilbeisi

Divorce and Family Solicitor

Thank you for landing on the Intranzition website. I am a senior Solicitor and I work in a well- known law firm in Enfield, Middlesex. I offer an initial consultation about divorce and I offer flexible pricing including fixed fee costs for Divorce and all our Family Law services. I am an expert in encompassing divorce, separation, children matters and family breakdown. I also have expertise in Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements and Living Together Agreements.

I am fully aware of the divorce process and I understand that divorce often involves high emotions, especially when there are children involved. I am sensitive to your needs during this difficult time, and work with you to resolve your divorce with compassion and efficiency. I also try to avoid legal jargon when I communicate with you.

If you need expert legal advice about divorce or you have a question about getting a divorce in the UK or abroad, just contact me on info@silvinelaw.com